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Hometrust Real Estate Agency Hometrust isn't just about selling properties. Find out why we are more than just a real estate agency.

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Properties Tips from Hometrust Moving to a new home? Or consider buying privately? Read through our Property tips for hints and information.

Hometrust Properties

About Hometrust Properties

Hometrust Properties opened its doors for business on 3 January 1976 in Belgravia Road, Belgravia Estate, Cape Town, under the guidance and leadership of Enver Abrahams, the Principal.

This has come about after two years of gaining firsthand experience and knowledge about property development and the physical construction of homes, when the principal was engaged in two different companies, one developing in the north and the other in the southern and peninsula suburbs.

Though the primary duties pertained to marketing, the concept and the passion for property called for daily site duties and inspections as well.

Buying Your First Home

Buy your first house the easy way

Don't go and waste quality time to find out how you can own your first house. For your convenience we already compiled such a list. This list will provide you with information regards to your budget, where to search for properties and to make sure that you get more than just a great deal.

One must remember that it will take some time before you find that 'perfect home'. Don't just buy property because 'everyone else is'. You need to do some thorough research before buying real estate. Yes, you can't really go wrong buying real estate, but remember, at the end of the day it comes down to one thing, and one thing only. Location. Location. Location.


What is hive-living?

This term that be heard more often in the next couple of years (and for many years to come). Fewer people are able to afford the rising property prices and ultimately being able to purchase a property. This of course leads to Plan B ... find another way to buy property. This is where friends and family play a big part. A group of friends or a family will pool together to purchase a property and then live together in their newly purchased property.


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First-time homeseller mistakes

Avoid these mistakes

11 Worst first-time homeseller mistakes.
Buy your first house the easy way

Buying your first home

Buy your first house the easy way.

About hive-living

'Hive-living' becoming popular due to high prices.

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