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Hometrust Properties opened its doors for business on 3 January 1976 in Belgravia Road, Belgravia Estate, Cape Town, under the guidance and leadership of Enver Abrahams, the Principal.

This has come about after two years of gaining firsthand experience and knowledge about property development and the physical construction of homes, when the principal was engaged in two different companies, one developing in the north and the other in the southern and peninsula suburbs.

Though the primary duties pertained to marketing, the concept and the passion for property called for daily site duties and inspections as well.

This all cemented well with previous knowledge and experience gained in marketing other commodities over former years which culminated in taking on the ultimate goal of marketing the biggest investment in one’s lifetime.

A bit of History

The very first Estate Agency established on this busy Main Road of Belgravia Estate to service the community on this part of the Cape Flats, Southern and Northern Suburbs. After 5 successful years of trading we identified the urgent need of having a Bank (Building Society as it was known then) in the area to accommodate the financial requirements and services to our many clients. We negotiated the idea with the leading finance provider and subsequently Hometrust Properties was appointed an Accredited Agent for United Building Society which later changed to United Bank and eventually to Absa Bank.

The initiation, management and control of the Bank Agency were under the guiding hands of our fully trained manager Abeeda Abrahams with her versatile knowledge of being involved with property transactions as well. This association with Absa Bank lasted for 20 years from 1 April 1981 to 31 October 2001, after all the agencies were disbanded and ours being the last in the southern suburbs, resulting in the bank opening a fully fledged branch in the area still operating today.

Throughout our banking history we produced excellent financial services to our clients in property, investments as well as the regular daily banking transactions with an unblemished record. Hometrust PropertiesHence our vast knowledge, experience and unique advantages in preparing and providing onsite Home Loan facilities to home buyers, home builders and property developers.

Hometrust Properties - A Family Name

Hometrust Properties not only became a household name but a family name, the establishment started with Enver and Abeeda a husband and wife team, followed by Ziyad who is now in a managerial position with a leading bank, then Lameec who is a financial accountant and auditor, then Nazeeha who is now a lecturer in Oman and subsequently Aquilah who is presently our property consultant.

Our astounding successes are attributed to professionalism, integrity, honesty, dedication, sincerity and the desire to deliver on our promise to the benefit of all our clients without reservation. We remain committed to all people we deal with, irrespective whether our clients fall into the higher, medium or lower market segment and our services and attention to assist our clients stretches far beyond the normal boundaries of selling and buying property, we are at all times willing and eager to go the extra mile.

Despite our initial entry into the property industry being focused primarily on marketing privately owned properties, our dedicated commitment to people on the whole took us way beyond the boundaries of matching buyers to sellers as in the case of normal property transactions. Our belief has always been that we are mandated to connecting people and protecting their interest and well being as opposed to selling or buying of properties, both parties in the transaction are of paramount importance to Hometrust Properties.

Our vast experience and knowledge in the property industry has afforded us the potential and opportunity to handle properties from the top market prices right down to the lowest. Our mission has always been to pursue business through innovation, to provide exceptional customer service and build lifetime relationships with our clients and communities. To be the pacesetter in real estate services by exceeding customer expectations, therefore our clients are introduced mainly through personal referrals and recommendations, whether it is for Selling, Buying, Letting, Building, Valuations or Home Loans.

Since opening our doors for business we have not only enjoyed the support of private sellers, buyers and landlords, our professionalism and experience was also recognised by various property developers who has seen the need to engage our services.


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